Whether in the form of a garden fountain, an artificial pool, a garden waterfall or an outdoor pool, the water ensures freshness on hot summer days and calms the day. mind after a long day of work.

Many manufacturers offer contemporary ideas on the garden waterfall in different materials. From classic stone to modern steel, the fountain and waterfall add a lot of style and comfort to all types of gardens. Whatever the style of your outdoor space, the ideas below will help you in choosing the most appropriate water feature.

On the one hand, with his 8 years of experience, M.moumen art director at Jardins de Meriem and his team are able to do a job perfectly. In addition, the expertise of our landscaping designer allows us to offer you the latest trends. On the other hand, we are a family business and we take our work to heart. We work together with several suppliers that allow us to offer a wide variety of pavers.

Creation of water scenes
Whether natural or geometrically shaped, the garden pond is a staging of water. The life of the garden is thus boosted by the fauna and flora of the basin, it promotes biodiversity and adds a touch of sound to the garden.
Waterfalls, fountains, streams, ponds, canals ... participate in the animation of the garden. The slightest vision or murmur of water has always worked like a seduction, the soothing flickering of a pond through the trees or the distant roar of a waterfall inevitably makes us turn away from our path.
Source of life, the magic of water works ... in our eyes, water is much more than a practical and physical enjoyment, it is an irresistible magnet, and this, whatever our age.
We propose to introduce in your garden this element, from conception to realization, we are at your disposal to create aquatic environments in line with your wishes. It is useful to specify that there is no need for a large garden for pleasure ...
We also propose to maintain any aquatic facility.
creation of waterfalls and water jet in Marrakech gardening

The company Jardins de Meriem offers its know-how to decorate the gardens of individuals and professionals in Marrakech, Casablanca, Rabat, Fez and Agadir as well as everywhere in Morocco, with graceful exterior masonry, access roads, fountains, waterfalls, etc.

creation of waterfalls and water jet in Marrakech gardening

Fountain integrated into your terrace, pool at the bend of an alley, waterfall running through a slope, it will know, for sure, surprise you whatever its shape.

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