Depending on the tree species, the pruning method is crucial for the shape of the tree, its health or to meet the pruning regulations. The size of the palms differs in size from hardwoods, conifers or fruit trees.

Sanitary size is the solution recommended in case of advanced attack of pests on palms. It is a cure that involves mechanically removing all infected parts and grinding the waste on site. This work is subject to approval and must be carried out by an authorized company.

Sanitary size is the recommended solution when the palm tree is infested with pests. The owner of the palm tree has the obligation to take the necessary measures to prevent the spread of these pests, he must eliminate the outbreak by achieving a sanitary size of his palm.

Pruning palms
Sterilize your size tools. Prepare your climbing gear. Remove only dead or damaged leaves. Detach the petioles (blades) from the leaves. Prune the flowers or young fruits of the palm tree if your species is of the type to bloom.
The size of the palm tree is primarily an aesthetic operation. As the palms age and dry, remove them in the spring or early summer. Some palm species naturally lose their dried palms.
The stipe (or false trunk) is, in botany, the sturdy stem of terrestrial plants such as palms, yuccas, dragon trees (Dracaena sp.), Tree ferns or banana trees.
Then it is necessary to maintain a hygrometry of 50% humidity in the air. To compensate for the low hygrometry of our interiors (around 20%) you can mist the palms with non-calcareous water and place under the plant a cup filled with marbles and water.
Choice of a palm fertilizer. Fertilizers are classified according to the NPK standard, with reference to the nutritional elements they contain: N for nitrogen, P for phosphorus and K for potassium. Nitrogen benefits the leaves, which are denser and stronger. Phosphorus has a direct impact on rooting and the root system.
Pruning palm trees in Marrakech, and everywhere in Morocco

We can any tree or palm tree, no matter the difficulty and danger, with safe techniques, trees near homes, swimming pools, atop roofs, etc., with climbing techniques or aerial platforms.

Pruning palm trees in Marrakech, and everywhere in Morocco

Whether your palms are healthy or infected with the red palm weevil or the paysandisa archon, we are licensed for sanitation, pruning and palm processing.

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