Equipped with the equipment, accustomed to this exercise, she will know how to get rid of the waste that clutter your garden and will not leave any trace of its passage. A real relief for you who will appreciate the result. Jardins de Meriem By - Group Gardens of Meriem

Your gardener Jardins de Meriem is able to evacuate all green waste from your garden whatever their nature: mowing, leaves, waste hedge sizes, shrubs, tree cutting or palm trees (trunk, branch, stump), scrub, etc.

You have just done some maintenance work in your garden and you do not know what to do with green waste? Gardens Meriem offers to rid them for you. Our gardeners are able to clear your park or garden of any type of green waste, from simple leaves to dead shrubs. Thanks to this service, you will not have to worry about the collection and evacuation of your green waste after each hedge trimming. You will also be able to dispense with the washing task after the evacuation.

Evacuation of green waste
We offer a high quality and careful work, taking care not to disturb the neighborhood or even the inhabitants of your house. Of course, it goes without saying that we always work with the utmost respect for the environment.
Thanks to a rigorous organization, we guarantee a fast and efficient work. After each intervention, our team makes sure to leave your garden clean and in perfect condition, without any scattered twigs.
You have the possibility to formulate all your needs in terms of gardening with our customer service, whether for a specific assignment or a recurring contract. Our professionals will help you find the solution that best suits your requirements.
In combination with the waste management, you can also request the service of hedge trimming, in order to obtain optimal results and to save time. Our garden experts are able to determine the right length of your hedge depending on the season and the appearance of your garden.
The professionals of Jardins de Meriem are, among others, able to carry out other particular works such as the size of the shrubs, mowing the lawn and even taking charge of your green space. The main advantage of our bespoke services is that you will not have to contact multiple service providers for different tasks.
Green waste removal in Marrakech Morocco

If it is a weed installed in your lawn, a weeder knife is needed to properly remove the plant and its root system. The soil being packed, a tool is needed. Grubbing weeds after watering will make things easier.

Green waste removal in Marrakech Morocco

Weed as weeds appear, as they are often very fast growing plants. It is therefore important to eliminate them before they have time to reproduce and let their seeds fly away.

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