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    Creating gardens

    Jardins de Meriem imagine and realize with you your garden. From terracing to plantations, she offers her expertise in all areas of garden creation, green spaces in Marrakech and throughout Morocco. Gardens Meriem has a team of professionals trained in all techniques.

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    Garden maintenance

    Jardins de Meriem is in charge of the maintenance of parks, gardens, terraces, balconies and commercial premises. She takes care of your lawn mowing, hedge and hedge trimming, weeding, ... Everything your garden will need such as tree care and fertilizer.

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    The removal of the grass

    Plants with broadleaf or carpet leaves appear in the middle of your lawn? Do not wait to get rid of it. The sooner you intervene, the easier it will be to weed. The gardening company Jardins de Meriem is founded to help you improve the landscape of your garden.

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    Evacuation of green waste

    Your gardener Jardins de Meriem is able to evacuate all green waste from your garden whatever their nature: mowing, leaves, waste hedge sizes, shrubs, tree cutting or palm trees (trunk, branch, stump), scrub, etc.

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    Pruning palms

    Sanitary size is the solution recommended in case of advanced attack of pests on palms. It is a cure that involves mechanically removing all infected parts and grinding the waste on site. This work is subject to approval and must be carried out by an authorized company.

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    Tree pruning

    Severe pruning or practices such as topping have dramatic aesthetic and tree safety consequences. The regrowth of discards disfigures the silhouette of the tree and increases the risk of breakage and wind resistance.

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    Renovation of green spaces

    J'ardins de Meriem offers a wide range of services: landscape masonry (terrace, shelter, wall, path, etc ...). Renovation, reconstruction of dryer. Our services are aimed at local authorities (agglomeration, municipality, union, ...), public companies or professionals of the territory.

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    Automatic watering of the gardens.

    An automatic watering is the key to success and sustainability of your landscaping. The design and installation of an irrigation system is a complex operation, and must be well researched to be efficient and cost-effective.

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    Creation of water scenes

    Many manufacturers offer contemporary ideas on the garden waterfall in different materials. From classic stone to modern steel, the fountain and waterfall add a lot of style and comfort to all types of gardens. Whatever the style of your outdoor space, the ideas below will help you in choosing the most appropriate water feature.

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